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Health Mate Infrared Saunas

How Does Infrared Work?

Hospitals have been using infrared heat for decades in their neonatal units, to keep newborns warm. It is the natural “radiant heat” that all living things emit and absorb from each other. Infrared energy is used in the Health Mate sauna because of these natural life-supporting and curative properties.

Infrared rays are absorbed directly by the body in the form of heat. This warms your body without heating the surrounding air because infrared rays are absorbed by objects. So your body warms up but the air is still pleasant. When the infrared rays penetrate your body, the heat raises your body temperature. This stimulates your immune system and the cell renewal process which means your immune system improves. Loyal sauna users have often reported having fewer colds!

This warming works your cardiovascular system similar to a half-hour workout, without the strenuous effort. The infrared heat works your lungs and your heart, improving circulatory and respiratory systems.

“A session in the Health Mate infrared sauna has a beneficial effect on your immune system and is perfect support in the treatment of muscle pain. Using the Health Mate sauna after a relaxing massage can even enhance the benefits of your massage.” – Massage Magazine, March 2010

What Happens?

During a Health Mate infrared session, your body warms up gradually in the comfortable heat. When your body sweats to cool off, you lose both water and waste. In a traditional sauna, your sweat is 97% water and 3% waste. In a Health Mate infrared sauna, the sweat content is significantly different – as little as 80% water and up to 20% waste. That’s not all. This cooling process requires energy, which means that you burn calories without the stress of exercise. You rest comfortably, while your whole body is hard at work. Your heart rate increases and your circulation is stimulated as if you walked half relieves tension and relaxes your muscles. Even your skin has a fresher complexion after a half-hour in the Health Mate infrared sauna.

What Makes the Infrared Sauna so Different & Special?

The big difference with Health Mate infrared sauna is that the infrared rays directly affect your body, resulting in a deeper sweat. So you sweat better, in less time and at lower temperatures. Those who are not suited to high heat conditions will feel better in a Health Mate infrared sauna. The Health Mate sauna operates at comfortably warm temperatures between 90-160°F. *

Just one session, and you get rid of deep waste and you give your whole immune system a boost. That’s why you feel so good after just half an hour of sweating. Compared with a traditional sauna, you can easily sweat out up to seven times more toxic substances using a Health Mate infrared sauna. Regular sessions can improve skin tone and elasticity, helping the skin feel smooth and young.

Why is Infrared Right for You?

  • Hospitals have been using infrared heat for decades to keep newborns warm.
  • Absorbed directly by the body in the form of heat.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Stimulates cell renewal process.
  • It can be used at lower temperatures to achieve the same results.
  • Form of exercise for people with physical constraints, age, etc.
  • Easier to breathe than in steam or conventional sauna.
  • Relieves tension, relaxes muscles.
  • Burns calories while you relax.
  • Works your cardiovascular system.

Inspire Series

New and Innovative Inspire has captured the heart and imagination of the industry. Health Mate has created the sauna of the century with its new technology, and implementing its new application.

Restore Full Spectrum

Our unique bi-level sauna is perfect for multiple people to enjoy the sauna at the same time. The Restore series gives users multiple ways to enjoy their sauna session. There is no other infrared sauna like the Restore Full Spectrum series by Health Mate!

Enrich Mate Collection

The Enrich Mate Saunas include features such as touch sensor controls, low back heater, full spectrum infrared, and more to provide an enjoyable sauna session. 

Renew Mate Collection

The Renew Mate Sauna. collection includes features such as Tecoloy heater, LED light 48 Diode, and more!

Essential Lounge

Equipped with all the same Essential Mate features, enjoy additional elements such as the curved head rest and adjustable, heated back rest!

Health Mate Sauna Accessories

Uplift your relaxation experience with our accessories to complement your sauna sessions.

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